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Welcome into Dnt Driving School providing driving lessons in Eglinton & DNT Driving School at Joondalup, is amongst the ideal driving schools together with seasoned and professional driving instructors. Like an outstanding learning experience and also enhance your own driving self confidence by learning directly from qualified and experienced teachers with first hand driving lessons packages offered within your region. Our driving teachers are competed at a professional manner from Dnt Driving School in Eglinton. They’ve certified driving teachers who have undertaken further education so that they are able to supply you with suggestions about the path and help you understand certain factors more certainly. They truly have been completely capable to coach you on how you can drive.

You will find lots of driving classes you’re able to consume when you’ve chosen your Driving Test. These vary from A to G having different hours to finish each class. You’re going to be supplied complete support all through your Driving program in Dnt Driving School at Eglinton. You will be given all the necessary advice along with guidance on what things to expect all through the training class. You will be able to opt for the duration and course of path that you want to complete.

The Driving lessons include classroom-based study where students are going to learn about the principle behind driving. We’ll center on the technical facets wherever students will understand auto security and road and weather requirements. We will provide you with driving courses that’ll grant you the data you need to operate a vehicle sensibly. We provide competitively priced driving school in Eglinton. Our aim will be to be certain that you are able to move your Driving ensure that you eventually become an experienced driver in no time.

During the very first part of one’s Driving college class, you will find the opportunity to explore some of the fundamentals of driving. We’ll pay driving at speeds more than 10 mph, hand signals and driving within faculty zones. Additionally you will know about the value of having a car seat and side curtain air bags. The very first part of your Driving School class may also cover the important safety items needed to securely manage a motor automobile. This includes utilizing your lights and mirrors while still forcing.

Once you have completed your Driving college class, you are going to be in a position to take your Driving Evaluation and receive a provisional license. This will allow one to drive on the trail as being a typical driver that is regular. It’s vital that you be sure that you practice your driving capabilities on a secure , off the trail region. If you are not able to acquire your Driving Test in the first six weeks, then you could possibly be able to re-take it. However, the points system is going to be employed to learn your eligibility.

Once you’ve successfully finished your Driving School, then you are going to be able to travel lawfully on the outside roads. In the event you would like to further your driving career and earn extra knowledge of driving in different locations, you’re able to think about enrolling for further driving school in Western Australia. Driving School Joondalup offers college pupils the chance to gain the essential knowledge to become a qualified driver at almost no time in any way. Students can select from classroom sessions along with one-way driving lessons. Driving college Brisbane presents college pupils the possiblity to obtain the driving capabilities that they need to be an accountable, capable and insured driver.

Recommendations On Selecting Driving School in Joondalup

Every students would like to master to operate a vehicle safely and efficiently. Regrettably , not every driver gets the help she or he needs from Driving School. Driving School delivers good excellent driving lessons to new drivers, or even individuals that have not ever pushed in some time. New students need to be educated to the most effective, best approaches to induce, specially if they are inexperienced and on the highway to its first time.

If you’re looking for the best approach to receive your driver’s permit again, or you only need a refresher training course, you must look into maybe not forcing faculty. DNT Drving School has been helping individuals like you since 1995. Driving School instructors offer awareness, knowledge, and ability to enable you to move your driving test with flying colours.

Driving School Instructors will set you in the driving seat using seasoned expert drivers who will help one by the hand and reveal the manner. You will be exhibited the proper procedures and methods which are certain to get you through the visitors securely. Your Driving School instructor will likely be there to track your progress, and also maintain you informed about some improvements within the forcing lessons.

Passing your driving school exam can become difficult for those who never decide on the correct instructor. Driving School Instructors ought to be knowledgeable and experienced Traffic security, along with also road laws. Driving Instructors should also provide knowledge teaching younger drivers and extra security features. Perhaps not many driving instructors have these matters, which is the reason we’ve selected to provide you these specific guidelines above all others.

The greatest Driving School at Joondalup is going to unite all the best components from most of of the Driving Schools about Australia. When it comes to deciding upon a Driving School you should always look for drive instructors which supply a complete bundle deal to ensure you get all the essential courses you need. Some Driving School provides the whole guide driving course, at which as alternative Driving School may offer only a partial handbook or perhaps not one whatsoever. Make sure that all of the forcing teachers offer you a complete manual, so this could be the optimal/optimally approach to make sure you are given the complete guide.

Apart from choosing the best driving school in Joondalup, then you also had better select the optimal/optimally driving instructors. In case the teacher provides an entirely complimentary guided driving lesson then you ought to reserve in the sport. It truly is essential that the instructor can speak effectively with you and force you to truly feel comfortable within their existence. A very good driving instructor will likewise be able to induce one harder throughout the milking course, and also make you well ready for your own driving test. Driving School Joondalup is a very satisfying and enjoyable time, nevertheless, you need to ensure you’re prepared to own a safe and worry free driving lesson.

Joondalup Driving Schools

Driving lessons are compulsory if you need a driver’s license (CDL). You will need it to drive on roads and highways in Joondalup, a city located in Australia’s South West. With a DND (driver’s license) or a provisional license you can drive on public highways and streets in Joondalup. But, you won’t be able to drive on streets and highways without a driver’s license or a valid driving instructor license. To drive safely and to drive legally, you must first learn and practice driving principles like defensive driving, basic driving theories, safe car maintenance, night driving tips and so on.
Joondalup is a small Town, situated beside the Murray River, in the centre of Australia’s Southern Regions. There are a lot of good schools and driving schools in Joondalup, but to find the best driving school experience you should consider enrolling with a reputable school that provides the following driving lesson packages.

They are:

O A fully integrated package that includes classroom and field instruction. The classroom and field lessons should be planned in consultation with a driving instructor who has experience in teaching individuals of different ages at different levels. The package should consist of morning classes, afternoon classes, night driving lessons and driving safety lessons. Some of the best driving schools in Joondalup that provide these packages include:

O Manual driving instructors. Manual driving instructors teach people of different ages and driving experience to people who need specific skills for safely driving on roads and highways. It is important to note that these instructors may not have expertise in handling a vehicle.

o Evening classes. Evening classes are for people who have finished their daytime classes.The costs for day driving lessons are usually quite affordable.

O Total driving lesson packages. These are best for men and women who are interested in getting a comprehensive grounding in the art of driving. The purchase price for complete driving lesson packages varies, depending upon the driving school offering the course. Some of the driving lesson packages offered by Joondalup driving schools include insurance, vehicle registration and auto insurance. These are all costs that will need to be factored into the entire cost of the driving lesson package.

Do you need a driving school in Joondalup?

DNT Driving School is the best choice for new and refresher students. We have both male or female instructors available to choose from, so it’s easy to find someone who matches your needs

Do you need a driving instructor?

DNT Driving School is the best choice for new and refresher students. We have both male or female instructors available to choose from, so it’s easy to find someone who matches your needs. Our instructors are fully accredited, understanding, patient and highly experienced in teaching people how to drive safely.

You won’t be disappointed with our service! We are committed to providing the highest quality of instruction at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for lessons for yourself or your child, we can help make sure that they get off on the right foot when it comes time for their test!

Sign up for a lesson package of DNT Driving School today!

Need a driving instructor?

DNT Driving School is one of the most trusted and reliable driving schools in Perth. We have been teaching people how to drive for over 10 years, with our success rate at 95%. Our instructors are fully accredited, understanding, patient and highly experienced. They will teach you everything you need to know about driving safely on the road.

You can choose from either male or female instructors when booking your lesson with us. We also offer manual lessons for new or refresher students who want to learn how to drive properly before they get their license. Contact us today!

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How to choose the best driving school in Joondalup?

You probably may be wondering about choosing an idle driving school in Joondalup. Well, DNT Driving School Joondalup provides you with the various majors and tips so that you can select the driving school that suits your requirements.

5 Tips to select the best driving school in Joondalup

Experience and certificates:

First and foremost, you should put a little effort into researching the driving school you are about to choose from. The more is the driving school experience the better you will be served. Rather you can also look at the certificate of the driving school. DNT Driving School residing in Joondalup has been providing excellent service with a confident and skilled driver.

Service Provided:

Well, some driving school in Joondalup provides you with quoting service whereas some assure you to serve you instantly after your request. Apart from it, some driving school provides you the free transportation and variant payment option. So, you can easily make a booking online and pay by cash, bank transfer or cheque deposit, PayPal. You can choose your idle driving school as per your requirement.


Most driving schools are concerned about the instructor they hire. Nowadays, you can choose your own instructor as most driving schools focus on your comfort. Likewise, DNT Driving School provides you with the male and the female instructor.

Reviews & Testimonial:

It is a good idea to check out the reviews before you book your driving lesson. We highly recommend you to go through the review from the clients.


Also, you should check the results the driving school is providing. The percentage of passed and failed drivers can greatly affect you too.

So, you can search for an idle driving school on the basis of the measures provided by the DNT Driving School. Hence, book one of the driving packages from the DNT Driving School and experience the excellent service and be a skilled driver.

Manual Driving Lesson in Joondalup for fresher or refresher

You can get the manual driving lesson in Joondalup from DNT Driving School. DNT Driving School is one of the best driving schools serving the manual driving lesson over past years.

Manual driving lesson

If you are still wondering what this lesson comprise then, we get it listed for you.

Generally, we categorize the hourly driving package as

1 Lesson Package

2 Lesson Package and Test

Driving Test Package

While we do provide other packages apart from hourly packages as:

Beginners Course:

The beginner’s course as its name defines the lesson. You can get a full manual driving course even if you have a little knowledge about driving. We provide you with all the materials so that you can be a confident and skilled driver. Besides that, you can also get the driving test with your manual driving lesson.

Defensive Driving Course:

The defensive driving course teaches you to drive defensively by avoiding the risk. If you follow all the traffic rules and adapt the safe driving behaviour defensive driving is not that complex. The course further teaches you to handle the entire situation you may occasionally face while you are driving on the road.

Overseas License Conversion:

You can converse your driving license from different countries to be globally recognized. This process requires not much but the completion of the formalities that will lead to the 5 years’ valid license in your desired country. Some of the driving habits and the behaviour may vary from your country so; we provide you with the driving lessons that especially focusing on the driving rules that are varied.

Refresher Course: 

The course just refreshes your driving skills. Generally, this course is for one who already has the driving skills and just wants to refresh it. So, get your refresher course today to enhance your skills.

Book any of the manual driving courses as per your requirement from DNT driving school residing in Joondalup.


Different Driving Lesson Packages to get driving licence at first attempt

DNT driving school has been providing the various driving packages from the beginners to the advance in Joondalup. The driving lessons and packages provided by DNT driving school are affordable all over Joondalup and other areas of Perth. Whether you choose to enhance your driving skills or to learn driving from the beginning we have courses for all of your requirements. Even you can customize your driving lesson focusing on your weakness.

Choose your driving lesson

Well, we provide you with hourly classes for driving. So, you can even extend your package until you feel confident attempting the test.

Lessons & pricing:

Simply, the hourly packages comprise one (1) driving lesson for $60 which you can book if you just want to refresh your driving skills. This lesson only improves your skills so, this package is for someone who is accustomed to the driving rules and behaviours rather than the beginners.

The other driving lesson has the 2 driving lessons along with test drive. You can purchase this lesson at just $200. Well, this driving lesson includes a lesson more and a test drive but this lesson is also not enough for the noob. Moreover, this lesson mainly focuses on individuals who want an overseas license as ever country driving habits differ.  Along with it, the driving lesson strengthens your skills too. This lesson helps you to convert your license to an overseas license.

The next is the driving test package which includes the dual car controls as manual and automatic cars. This package is for beginners as our instructor provides you with all the material so that you can be a confident driver. Well, the prices for this lesson are $150 which is affordable. Also, you are taught about the car controls as well as accessories. After you have completed your driving lessons we provide you with the test drive so that you can get your driving license in the first attempt.

All of the three packages that we provide help you to acquire the driving license easily at first attempt whether it’s an oversea license conversion. You can get connected with us through the website or you can even call us at (08)9518 5622. Click here to mail your quotes to us.

How to choose driving lesson as per your requirements

There are just a few tips and techniques you will need to be getting your driving lessons. Some of the tips comprise is the wise selection of the course along with the test drives.DNT Driving School in Joondalup provides you with the best tips so that you do not miss the best.

Get your tips

Driving Lesson and Pricing:

Firstly, you should specify your requirements when you are searching for the best. The fee structure varies as the course. So, you should know the course better. Many driving schools provide customize driving lessons so that you can focus on your weaknesses.

An experienced instructor:

An instructor plays a vital role during your learning phase. So, you are provided with an option to choose your instructor. Generally, you can also find a male and a female instructor in many driving schools. The instructor guides you throughout the journey so they keep the record of your performance and report you back.

Know your vehicle better:

During your entire driving session, you can also choose the vehicle in which you will be practising driving. So, what I mean to say is that you should know all the controls of your fleet from the steering to the leg controls. You should also be accustomed to the condition of the car as each car has a different control layout.

Routes & Rules:

Well, the traffic rules are the most to follow. You should also have enough knowledge of the route type which sometimes may be a single way only. Moreover, your prior should be the traffic signals such as speed breaker, parking, speed limit, distance and many more. If you keep these things in mind, you will always be on the safe side.

Thus, some of the tips from DNT driving school have been specified above. So, you can get more tips and additional techniques to tackle the problem you will be facing while you are on the road. We are the best among Joondalup offering you the tips and guidance from qualified instructors. We have been providing the manual driving lesson in Joondalup with the affordable fee structure. Book your driving lesson using our website, or email us. You can even call us at (08 9518 5622).


Cost of the driving lesson packags in Joondalup areas

Get your driving lesson booked with DNT Driving School at a reasonable price.

Know more about Pricing and Packaging

Driving lesson:

DNT Driving school charges the driving lesson pricing per hour. The pricing starts from $55 to $60 per one hour. Moreover, you can customize your driving lesson so that you can adjust your pricing also. The fast you learn, your driving lesson will be ascertained to it. Click here to view pricing.

Test drives:

We also provide you with the test drive package after the completion of your driving lesson. The test drive cost from $150 to $160 per hour. If you do not have enough confidence we suggest you take the driving lesson instead of the test drive. Click here to get more information about the test drive.

Additional guidance for your driving lesson

Driving Instructor:

Firstly, the driving instructor helps you to customize your driving lesson understanding your requirements.  Secondly, the driving instructor guides you in your entire driving practice. Well, the instructor reports your daily progress and suggest you so that you could get over your weakness in order to be a confident driver.

Routes of Joondalup:

In addition to it, you can get to know about the routes of Joondalup. We can let your test drive to be conducted at the real road scenario in between the traffic with the instructor to guide you. Furthermore, you can also get to drive at routes of Joondalup.

Driving license:

Not only we teach you driving but also we help you acquire your driving license. We can book your test from our driving school. Along with it, you can also let us know the problem you are facing when you are driving. We try our best so that you can acquire your driving license in your first attempt.

Book your driving lessons with DNT Driving School. You can get the affordable driving lessons with the customized driving package. Along with it get our support in every step to acquire your driving license.

What you need to know about the best driving school in Joondalup?

Well, there are more to know about DNT Driving School which is the best driving school in Joondalup.

Learn 2 drive

Service & connect:

Our service is available from Mon-Sat 8 AM-6 PM so you can ping us at your convenient time. We will be getting over your booking and query as soon as possible. You can connect us through phone +61895185622, email and our website. Moreover, we are always there to help you out and at your service.

Packages& Pricing:

We have been providing different driving Lesson packages from the beginner level to the advanced level. You can too customize your packages after you are suggested by your driving instructor. Furthermore, the driving package starts from $55 to $60 per hour. In addition to it, the test drives cost $150-$160.


Best Driving School Joondalup



You are provided with both the theory and the practical driving classes. First, you will be taught the theory followed by the practice drive. Within your driving session, you will be guided by the instructor so that you will be given suggestion on a daily basis while you are driving.

Professional instructor:

We are here accompanied by the professional and the experienced instructor. You can choose your driving instructor. We have both the male and the female instructors in our team.

Tips & Techniques:

DNT instructors provide you with the tips & techniques so that you can get over any situation such as brake controls, make a safe turnover the road. The tips are simple but can sometimes cause a great hazard when not focused.

On–the road:

You will be the confident and the skilled driver on the road. You will be given all the requirement so that you will drive safe on the roads.

These are some of the features that every student should know before they join any of the driving school. Book your driving package with DNT Driving School.