Learn to drive with DNT Driving School

If you want to drive with confidence in the busy street or want to refresh your driving skills, you need to get experienced driving instructors in the town

DNT Driving School is the best driving school or instructor and gain your driving confidence and gain more skills in driving. We specialize in driving lessons around the northern suburbs of Northern Perth Western Australia including Joondalup.

DNT Driving School is a trusted and professional driving school. If you are looking for a professional, reliable and experienced driving instructor who has a high pass rate and is committed to teaching you to be a safe and confident driver, then you have come to the right place that is DNT driving School

We provide the manual driving lesson packages to all ages from 18+ with a special discount for fresher or refreshers. Our Driving instructors offer manual driving lessons in Joondalup with our experienced male or female driving instructors also servicing all of Perth.

We offer beginner course, Defensive driving course, overseas licence conversion and refresher driving skills, a Wide range of lesson course packages available for choice for all kinds of driving skills.

There are many reasons why to choose us if you are around the Northern Suburbs of Perth ie Joondalup. We have experienced male or female instructor where you have the options to choose from. A punctual Instructor is very ideal for fresher who are very nervous for the first time driving.

Our Prices starts from $65 for 1 lesson which is ideal package for freshers to improve the skills in just one package and goes upto $205 who wants to refresh driving knowledge.

We are located at Eglinton WA 6034, you can simply email to dntdrivingschool@live.com or call our office (08) 9518 5622 or text or direct contact to Doug at (0432) 963 681.You can even book online as well and you will receive the booking package booked online.We accept cash or bank deposit as a terms of payment.

How to get your driving Licence in Western Australia ?

Here are the steps to get a driving licence

You can apply and obtain your driving licence when you are 16 years old. You need to place birth certificate and you need to provide your proof of address as well.

With just 20-30 minutes you must pass the road rules theory test before application in the Licensing centre
All the necessary handbook are available free from the licensing centre.

You need to specify your vehicle type when you apply for your driver’s licence permit.

You must hold a driving licence that allows driving a vehicle of the same type printed on your learner’s permit and
have held the licence for 4 years or more.

You must do at least 25 hours of driving before applying for your driving test and must be recorded in your log book and properly signed by
the licenced driver with you or else it will invalid.

Once you have 25 hours’ logged driving in your belt and you are at least 16 years and 6 months, you can take the driving test. You will be tested by your 2 driving instructors to ensure you are available for the test.

You will be tested with all working functions of the car like a break, signals, good tyres and hand brake when you do the driving test.

You can take the driving test as many times as required.

Once you have at least 25 hours of driving over the 6 months period, you must have a licenced driver at all the times.

You must pass the hazard perception test before driving of your own. You need to be at least 17 years old and logged in 50 hours of driving before you can sit on the test.
It is a computer-based test where you will be dealing with different traffic situations and make safe driving decisions.
You can take the test the following day if you fail the test.

Once you have passed the test, you will have your photo taken for your licence and will receive a set of ‘P’ plates.

You will be a licenced driver when you hold the licence to drive as a ‘P’ plate drive for 24 months.