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Driving licence at first attempt

Different Driving Lesson Packages to get driving licence at first attempt

DNT driving school has been providing the various driving packages from the beginners to the advance in Joondalup. The driving lessons and packages provided by DNT driving school are affordable all over Joondalup and other areas of Perth. Whether you choose to enhance your driving skills or to learn driving from the beginning we have courses for all of your requirements. Even you can customize your driving lesson focusing on your weakness.

Choose your driving lesson

Well, we provide you with hourly classes for driving. So, you can even extend your package until you feel confident attempting the test.

Lessons & pricing:

Simply, the hourly packages comprise one (1) driving lesson for $60 which you can book if you just want to refresh your driving skills. This lesson only improves your skills so, this package is for someone who is accustomed to the driving rules and behaviours rather than the beginners.

The other driving lesson has the 2 driving lessons along with test drive. You can purchase this lesson at just $200. Well, this driving lesson includes a lesson more and a test drive but this lesson is also not enough for the noob. Moreover, this lesson mainly focuses on individuals who want an overseas license as ever country driving habits differ.  Along with it, the driving lesson strengthens your skills too. This lesson helps you to convert your license to an overseas license.

The next is the driving test package which includes the dual car controls as manual and automatic cars. This package is for beginners as our instructor provides you with all the material so that you can be a confident driver. Well, the prices for this lesson are $150 which is affordable. Also, you are taught about the car controls as well as accessories. After you have completed your driving lessons we provide you with the test drive so that you can get your driving license in the first attempt.

All of the three packages that we provide help you to acquire the driving license easily at first attempt whether it’s an oversea license conversion. You can get connected with us through the website or you can even call us at (08)9518 5622. Click here to mail your quotes to us.