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Driving Lesson Packages Prices

Cost of the driving lesson packags in Joondalup areas

Get your driving lesson booked with DNT Driving School at a reasonable price.

Know more about Pricing and Packaging

Driving lesson:

DNT Driving school charges the driving lesson pricing per hour. The pricing starts from $55 to $60 per one hour. Moreover, you can customize your driving lesson so that you can adjust your pricing also. The fast you learn, your driving lesson will be ascertained to it. Click here to view pricing.

Test drives:

We also provide you with the test drive package after the completion of your driving lesson. The test drive cost from $150 to $160 per hour. If you do not have enough confidence we suggest you take the driving lesson instead of the test drive. Click here to get more information about the test drive.

Additional guidance for your driving lesson

Driving Instructor:

Firstly, the driving instructor helps you to customize your driving lesson understanding your requirements.  Secondly, the driving instructor guides you in your entire driving practice. Well, the instructor reports your daily progress and suggest you so that you could get over your weakness in order to be a confident driver.

Routes of Joondalup:

In addition to it, you can get to know about the routes of Joondalup. We can let your test drive to be conducted at the real road scenario in between the traffic with the instructor to guide you. Furthermore, you can also get to drive at routes of Joondalup.

Driving license:

Not only we teach you driving but also we help you acquire your driving license. We can book your test from our driving school. Along with it, you can also let us know the problem you are facing when you are driving. We try our best so that you can acquire your driving license in your first attempt.

Book your driving lessons with DNT Driving School. You can get the affordable driving lessons with the customized driving package. Along with it get our support in every step to acquire your driving license.