How to choose the best driving school in Joondalup?

You probably may be wondering about choosing an idle driving school in Joondalup. Well, DNT Driving School Joondalup provides you with the various majors and tips so that you can select the driving school that suits your requirements.

5 Tips to select the best driving school in Joondalup

Experience and certificates:

First and foremost, you should put a little effort into researching the driving school you are about to choose from. The more is the driving school experience the better you will be served. Rather you can also look at the certificate of the driving school. DNT Driving School residing in Joondalup has been providing excellent service with a confident and skilled driver.

Service Provided:

Well, some driving school in Joondalup provides you with quoting service whereas some assure you to serve you instantly after your request. Apart from it, some driving school provides you the free transportation and variant payment option. So, you can easily make a booking online and pay by cash, bank transfer or cheque deposit, PayPal. You can choose your idle driving school as per your requirement.


Most driving schools are concerned about the instructor they hire. Nowadays, you can choose your own instructor as most driving schools focus on your comfort. Likewise, DNT Driving School provides you with the male and the female instructor.

Reviews & Testimonial:

It is a good idea to check out the reviews before you book your driving lesson. We highly recommend you to go through the review from the clients.


Also, you should check the results the driving school is providing. The percentage of passed and failed drivers can greatly affect you too.

So, you can search for an idle driving school on the basis of the measures provided by the DNT Driving School. Hence, book one of the driving packages from the DNT Driving School and experience the excellent service and be a skilled driver.

Manual Driving Lesson in Joondalup for fresher or refresher

You can get the manual driving lesson in Joondalup from DNT Driving School. DNT Driving School is one of the best driving schools serving the manual driving lesson over past years.

Manual driving lesson

If you are still wondering what this lesson comprise then, we get it listed for you.

Generally, we categorize the hourly driving package as

1 Lesson Package

2 Lesson Package and Test

Driving Test Package

While we do provide other packages apart from hourly packages as:

Beginners Course:

The beginner’s course as its name defines the lesson. You can get a full manual driving course even if you have a little knowledge about driving. We provide you with all the materials so that you can be a confident and skilled driver. Besides that, you can also get the driving test with your manual driving lesson.

Defensive Driving Course:

The defensive driving course teaches you to drive defensively by avoiding the risk. If you follow all the traffic rules and adapt the safe driving behaviour defensive driving is not that complex. The course further teaches you to handle the entire situation you may occasionally face while you are driving on the road.

Overseas License Conversion:

You can converse your driving license from different countries to be globally recognized. This process requires not much but the completion of the formalities that will lead to the 5 years’ valid license in your desired country. Some of the driving habits and the behaviour may vary from your country so; we provide you with the driving lessons that especially focusing on the driving rules that are varied.

Refresher Course: 

The course just refreshes your driving skills. Generally, this course is for one who already has the driving skills and just wants to refresh it. So, get your refresher course today to enhance your skills.

Book any of the manual driving courses as per your requirement from DNT driving school residing in Joondalup.