Best Driving School Jonndalup for your best learning

DNT Driving school is the best driving school serving in Joondalup and it’s a periphery. We have been providing every possible circumstance so that you can learn driving without any obstacles. Furthermore, we provide you with much different and simple knowledge about fleets.

What are the techniques?

Customizing driving lessons package

Well, it all commences with a good selection of driving school. We first go after your skill level and then your requirements. As your requirements are taken into consideration you will be given a suggestion regarding your lessons to choose from.

Generally, even if you customize your driving lesson the driving fees are affordable. You are only recommended the lessons which you have doubt. So, you don’t have to panic about either driving lessons or the fees.

Know your instructor

Actually, it is a good approach that we have started. To know your instructor and to choose your instructor is proved best so that you could learn driving as soon as possible. If you have a great bonding and connection with your instructor you will be able to ask help in need and also implementing this will help you learn your driving faster. All our instructors are professional and skilled.

Moreover, you will also be able to cope up with your mistakes in a swift manner. Along with it, you will be a confident driver if your instructor is experienced with a good connection to you.

More about fleets

We put some extra effort so you are accustomed to all the available fleets here. We generally provide you with the general knowledge of all the fleets. Not only theories but also practical knowledge are also provided.

You are taught about brakes, clutches and the gears, along with their specific operation. Our fleets are advance and you can also choose your own fleet during your driving sessions.


Best Driving School Joondalup


Before you start

There are some of the tips you need to know before you jump into it whether it’s a theory class first or the general knowledge about fleets. Moreover, you are also provided with the safest environment.

You are also taught to tackle the situation so that you can cope up with any condition while you are on the road. So, you will also be given instruction before you end up messing things.

Traffic & Rules

Traffic & rules are a first and foremost concern as we here give you the safest environment. You are taught like a real driving scenario that is you can too have test drives but with the traffic rules to be followed.

In addition to it, you must follow all the traffic rules and you also should be able to drive in the street with confidence.

How can I get connected?

Well, we are accessible through the online booking, phones, and email or you can even buzz us at our website raising queries during online chat. Also, you can connect us at any time as we are open throughout the year.
You can even get theory classes online. We also provide you with online tutorials with FQA answering sessions. Along with it, we also suggest the driving lesson as your requirement. For contact, you can either make a call at 0895185622 or email us at

Save hours of your time with DNT Driving School Joondalup

Time is unreplaceable, so we value your time. We save you time so you can have leisure time for your hobbies or even your work. We are here, DNT driving school residing in Joondalup, a city of Perth. We are a local driving school, best and popular amongst other driving schools in the city. We provide you, safe instructors, driving test and the packages that suits you best.

How do we save your hours?

Driving package selection:

Though some of you may feel that driving package selection is the easiest part but it is the most important part. We are here to guide you. Moreover, We understand your requirements and suggest the driving package as your consideration. We provide you with the packages from the beginners level to the advanced level.  We can customize the lessons as you wish as the lessons are quite affordable. This is how we reduce your stress and time for selecting an appropriate package at a reasonable cost.

Furthermore, we offer you a test drive as well as the refresher driving lesson drive. also, we provide you with the classes through which you can excel in driving. You can book it online in less than a few minutes and in 1-2-3 click away.

Instructor selection:

Our team thinks that if you are given proper training you tend to learn fast. Not only you are allowed to select your own instructor as your comfort. But also we have male as well as female instructors who have been experts in this field. They have been working in this particular program for many years.

We too suggest you with the professional and friendly driving instructors so you will not have to worry about it and along with it, we can save you precious time. Moreover, the instructors guide you not only with the lesson but also with the small problems you face like while you are on traffic or to park and many more.



Test drives:

DNT Driving School Joondalup provides you with the various test drives and practice drive so that you will not have to search for it either surfing the internet or making a call. We are here to provide you with the test drive with the instructors. So, you can enhance your skills as well as be a confident driver.

In a sense, it would save your money too. The striking feature is that the instructor will be guiding you throughout your learning phase and you will be told your weakness so that you can improve your driving. You can schedule the test drives and your lessons as per your timings. We are always there to help you.

Driving license:

After you are done with the test drive and as the suggestion of the instructor you can go for the test which will be giving you the driving license in a meanwhile. You can book your driving test packages at a very much affordable price. Booking from online is also available in order to save your time.

The driving test package includes lessons and the use of a dual control car so you can be more confident and also you can enhance your skills. Along with it, you can too get your driving license after you pass the test and we help you with that also. We can get your license process done which will make you easy.

So, DNT Driving School offers you the most valuable thing, time. We provide you with 99% of the success are taught not only the driving lesson but also the tricks that will keep you safe on the road. We assure you that you will be safe on the Joondalup road. Don’t miss a chance to be a part of us. Come join us at DNT Driving School. You can make an appointment at (08) 9518 5622 visits the near your location office to start your lesson today. Be a confident and skilled driver.