Learn to Drive with the best driving school in Joondalup,WA

With our new Fast Drive system, you can practice or learn fast and easy, taking care of the quality, honesty, and service to satisfy our customers.

We know the enormous responsibility we have when teaching people how to drive, and we assume it with enthusiasm. We commit ourselves to form drivers respectful of urban road regulations since we know the risks involved in urban roads, we care about their safety and that of others. That is why our instructors know the traffic regulations perfectly, they promote the basic values of ethics and commitment in driving, to create respectful, patient and tolerant drivers.

With excellent and accessible prices you can learn to drive at a low cost where you, if you wish, can continue practising and it will not cost you high prices.

Meet the DNT Driving School Joondalup areas where we have cars in perfect condition, ready to teach you how to drive.

We are a school dedicated to the teaching of driving cars and trucks, in addition to providing capitation and assistance in the process to obtain a driver’s license for the driver.

Our school is also specialized in teaching and good treatment for nervous people.

Learn to drive inside the city and on the road in Joondalup

At the DNT Professional Driving School, we stand out as the best option to learn the theory and practice of manual driving. We are located in Eglinton, Western Australia and cover the Joondalup areas and we provide affordable costs.

In our professional management school, we have been providing basic and intensive courses for years according to the needs of our students. We also give you basic knowledge of mechanics, in order to obtain the necessary tools to move your unit to any unforeseen event.

All our instructors are qualified and will teach you the best management techniques through simple language. We strive to transmit our knowledge properly in order to achieve optimal learning for those who sign up with us. We are specialists in nervous people of any age.


The driving is our passion … your security, our mission.

DNT driving instructors, state graduates, great training experience, offer on-demand driving courses or a refresher that will allow you to remove your stress.

Guaranteed rigor, assured success.

  • In addition to your training in driving school (Driving courses focused on your weak points)
  • Improvement of drivers who have the license but have lost the hand (Upgrading)
  • Improvement of foreign licenses converted to an Australian license
  • Service for companies evaluating and improving conduct to future employees.
  • Delivery of evaluation certificate.


1 – Share knowledge

Teachers, coaches, professionals, mentors, talents, DNT driving school is a community of fantastic teachers willing to share their knowledge and pass on the love of their passions.

2 – Learn with confidence

Verified profiles, validated diplomas, certified students’ opinions, guaranteed availability, motivated students, we offer the cream of the crop of teaching to learn and transmit with confidence.

3 – Security, Serenity

100% secure payment, https protocol, SSL certificate, data encryption: all the latest digital technologies to guarantee a secure journey for our members.

4 – Respect for your data

Your personal data is valuable and safe with us. They are never sold, shared or distributed outside of DNT.

 5 – Happiness first!

DNT is a happy and multicultural team serving a community of super teachers. We want to change the world of knowledge sharing in driving and making the world a better place to live and drive safely.

6 – Handling of cars

At the end of the course, you will be able to drive your car without any problem and you will be ready for your driving test.

Our Qualities

Rules of road and signs

In your theoretical classes, we will teach you everything you need to travel in the city following the rules of the Mobility Secretary.

Double control for your safety

Our cars have a system in which the driving instructor can interfere if needed so that you feel comfortable and safe.

We adapt to your schedules

We have a great availability of schedules so you can freely choose the time you want your practice class.

We teach you the basic care of your car

From how to check the engine levels of your car to how to change a tire, and especially what to do in case of emergencies.

If you want to learn to drive, we will be your best option, not only have to be behind the wheel, we also provide road education so you know in detail about the signs and indications that may cross your path.

We will train you to take your driving test, we have the recognition as one of the best driving schools in Joondalup. We train new drivers and even manage programs for federal public transport drivers.

Courses for nervous people

We have specialized instructors to deal with the people who need it most and we will help them to acquire the confidence necessary to drive anywhere.

Courses to obtain the license

If you need to process your license, this is the ideal course for you, we advise you for the complete process of driving and driving test, from the theoretical to the practical.

Our best letter of introduction are our testimonials from our customers who have been the key to our success. We are a driving school whose objective is to train future drivers. We train students on the rules of traffic and road safety for their safety and that of others.